Hello! My name is Ray, and I am a writer.

This blog will focus on my first book that is in the process of getting published, which is a collaborative project with poems created and supplied by myself, and all pictures curtesy of my friends Alicia and Amber, who were gracious enough to partake in this journey with me, and who brought my words to visual life.

I started my journey through the world of words with journaling and poems, and have expanded within the last several years into the area of community and narrative journalism, as well as a few short stories and novels in the works. I like to think of my work as the result of my experiences and interactions in life, and the thoughts, ideas and musings that are produced as a result. I spend my time in the world of social work and political activism, and my views in these areas are influenced by my particuler take on religion, politics, current events and what I feel is of interest in the present moment.

You can find the official book project Facebook Page Here.

You can find the book project Instagram Here.

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